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About Smart

"Success is not about making right choices; it’s about proving your choices are right. You have the right to choose, we have the power to prove"

About Director,

Mr. Nirmal was born and brought up in Trichy. After completing his Masters degree he prepared for civil service examinations in Delhi Vaji Ram & Ravi and appeared for civil services interview in 2006, 2009. At present, he has been guiding and leading the younger aspirants of civil services in the golden path as a Director of Smart IAS Academy, Trichy. He has conducted several awareness programs about civil services in Madurai, Salem, Trichy, Tanjore and Perambalur. He had been in teaching profession for more than 8 years. His passion for teaching combined with his extensive experience both in government and private sector enables him to lead Smart IAS Academy. He is the Founder & Director of our Academy and he is available full-time. He is also available for Individual Counselling and Guidance to all students of Smart IAS Academy.

Why Smart IAS?,

“We at Smart IAS Academy believe that values, trust, purpose, capacity, commitment, intention, and action create the unique bonds that build leaders of the Future India” We designed our foundational programmes with special emphasis on the below issues All that you should know to be a civil servant

  • The ability to integrate relevant issues to develop a completeness in understanding.
  • To develop insightful and creative thinking into every issue.
  • The ability to communicate one’s viewpoint with confidence and conviction and that accurately and effectively.
  • The ability to present yourself so as to meet the demands of the nation.

For a beginner,

Aspirants sometimes have sense that "they can't get 'there' from here" because of "some reason." Sometimes people have "that sense" that they can't accomplish what they really want, whether the goal is personal, a major organizational objective, or something in between. We at Smart IAS, develop useful and powerful approach to overcome these situations.

  • Seeking help to get "un-stuck"
  • Clarifying needs and goals; then getting into action to accomplish big personal, national goals.
  • Increasing aspirants’ personal capacity to become visionary leaders for the nation.

Clear Picture of the Success

Most aspirants need a clear picture of success. This includes the clarity in their purpose (make it come alive), and develop individual capacity to reach goals. Our strategic coaching helps people set themselves up for great success. Helps You Stay "Ready" Our insightful guidance helps people stay ready. The kind of readiness we’re talking about here goes beyond articulating visions, delegating accountabilities or tasks, or addressing "how you come off to those around you." It starts with a willingness to be coached, to be coachable, to have someone help you prepare for what you know you must do. Being coached is difficult but extremely rewarding work. We invite you to think about what you could accomplish with some great coaching. If you want to be successful, you've got to get yourself ready to do great things. Join us to explore the wisdom in all its splendor, depth and fullness. There’s no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions in a way that serves the World and You.

Director's Message

Dear Aspirants,

Congratulations for your decision to choose civil services as a career option. Civil services have been a dream of Individuals for many decades because of its incredible traditions and the greatest of all is the ‘honor’. Indian civil services commanded honor from all parts of the world, and it has been the steel frame of Indian democracy.

But over the years, Indian bureaucracy has become more rigid and has become irrelevant to address the developmental needs of the nation. So the most important obstacle for this is the tendency to concentrate more power among themselves and reduce the freedom of the citizens. The need of the hour is not the people who are opportunistic but those who can sacrifice power so the larger objective of the democracy i.e, political, economic and social justice is delivered.

This demands traits like intellectual and moral integrity, balance of judgment, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical exposition, variety and depth of interest, ability for social cohesion and leadership, mental alertness, and also for his social traits. These cannot be inculcated overnight and needs continuous training. Our team has been strongly committed to ensure that every Individual develop all the requisite intellectual and moral competence so as to be an able administrator.

I hereby welcome you to the Smart IAS academy, where your commitment and devotion meets our decades of experience, and wisdom.